GENERAL resource pool

What are the default parameter values for the GENERAL resource pool?


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    Sarah LemaireSarah Lemaire Administrator

    memorysize (reserved memory) 0
    maxmemorysize (maximum reserved memory) Special: 95%
    executionparallelism (maximum threads per query) AUTO
    priority (priority of queued queried) 0
    runtimepriority (resources assigned to queries in this pool) MEDIUM
    runtimeprioritythreshold (seconds of runtime before RUNTIMEPRIORITY is assigned) 2
    queuetimeout (interval before queued queries are cancelled) 0:05
    plannedconcurrency (expected simultaneous queries) AUTO
    maxconcurrency (maximum simultaneous queries) n/a
    runtimecap (maximum query runtime) n/a
    cpuaffinityset (defines a set of CPUs) n/a
    cpuaffinitymode (determines CPUs used for query processing) ANY
    cascade to (secondary resource pool) n/a

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